Future of Fitness, Nutrition & Performance: Application of Kinesio Genomics & Nutrigenomics

  1. It defines the power of your body to absorb vital nutrients for a healthy body & mind. For instance, you follow a general diet of having a good amount of polyunsaturated fa(PUF)t on the predisposition that it will help in growth & development of your body however if your DNA is highly sensitive to PUFL, you may be advised to have PUF in moderation. Similarly genomics study defines your body’s sensitivity to various vitamins & minerals.
  2. The impact of minerals & vitamins on various organs & body parts.
  3. Nutritional factors that can prevent your genome from damage.
  4. Impact of genes on your nutrition, diet, lifestyle, fitness & habits
  5. Another variant of genomics is Kinesio Genomics which studies the role of genes in sports & fitness performance, identification of genes that contribute to response & adaptation of the body’s tissue system to various exercise related stimuli.
  6. Study of genes defines the ratio between fast twitch & slow twitch muscle fibre in our body which helps predict personalised exercise/workout prescription
  7. The impact of diet on the balance between healthy and diseased states depends on our DNA. For example, gene study can tell us about sensitivity for antioxidant activity. Individuals who carry such variants need to have antioxidants rich diets.
  8. Gene study can also help in our body’s sensitivity to weight loss resistance & rebound weight gain which can help structure the intensity of workout.
  9. We generally talk of hypertrophy in muscle building. Exercisenomics helps us in evaluating genetic risk to hypertrophy.



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Sushant Kumar

Sushant Kumar

Corporate finance professional turned Health & Fitness Entrepreneur, a fitness enthusiast, adventurer & trekking enthusiast