How to make that career change?

  1. First things first- do your groundwork: Search professionals network such as LinkedIn, Xing, TapChief etc ( huge database) for folks whose role fascinate you & reach out those who were successful in making a career change. Besides doing online research, spend time in finding & connecting with people who are /have been roles you cover.
  2. Make a compelling case: Career change with unrelated work experience can be achieved by presenting a compelling case & convincing the decision making that hiring you would enable them bring diverse perspective & help in solving company’s pain point. Regardless of your tenure( years of experience) or career stature, it is a tedious task for hiring manager to bring you on board at lateral level. Consider, instead, entering your targeted role a few levels down the ladder from your current stature. While this means a pay cut, it is your experience will go a long way toward climbing back up the levels more quickly than a newbie.
  3. Return to school: there is no better way than Doing a degree or advanced certificate related to target role/skill set/expertise mid way in career to showcase your commitment of getting into the target role. Such an education or degree may be a costly affair, learning through real life case studies, stimulation & internship where you can build some experience that may be valuable for prospective employer.
  4. Work pro-bono: Try to find /volunteer work adding to your experience which prospective employer may find relevant. Besides an employer is going to give you a fry if you cost them nothing. For example considering a career in website development? Offer your services to a nonprofit to help them redesign their website, or social media pages l. Does a career in Finance excites you? Offer to help a startup to help them build business plan for prospective investors.
  5. Get Creative: If you are applying for a role which resonate with you existing skills & experience, it is most likely that you will be called for an interview since your resume can easily pass through ATS/bots. However, when you are applying for career change role, sending /submitting your resume online would not help you since your resume will not have relevant keywords that can help you pass through ATS. To be successful in cracking that career changing role, rely on your close network- friends, family, colleagues to convince them to become your ambassadors & cheerleaders. With personal recommendation, your resume is going to go further than it would otherwise.Over 30% of job opportunities are filled through an employer’s employee referral programs. With a creative letter of recommendation from a current employee and the feel of a good fit with the employer’s culture, employers will even overlook lack of experience.
  6. Prepare your marketing collateral/pitch: When making a career change your cover letter &/or motivation statement needs to explain how the leap to the new career will be a win-win proposition. Your resume must contain a summary that showcases your initiatives to adapt the related expertise such as volunteer work & education.LinkedIn summary should showcase that your career evolution has been non-conventional.



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Sushant Kumar

Sushant Kumar

Corporate finance professional turned Health & Fitness Entrepreneur, a fitness enthusiast, adventurer & trekking enthusiast