Impact of soda on your brain

We are always told that drinking soda has a negative impact on our health. It is a known fact that soda & other fizzy drinks offer empty calories. However, a lot of us consume soda either through carbonated drinks or while taking hard drinks. Combination of caffeine, artificial sweeteners & sugar is not good for our body & we should strive to avoid/minimise their consumption if we want to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Not everyone can cut out sugar completely from their diet & focus only on nutrient dense foods. People sometimes need that refreshing taste of coke or other carbonated drink. As such there has been a positive correlation between drinking soda/fizzy drinks & increased risk of stroke, dementia & Alzheimer’s disease. Until recently 2 studies & detailed research were conducted to figure out the correlation. The first study undertook adjustments for age, sex, education, calorie intake, diet quality, physical training & smoking. Higher cumulative intake of soda/sugary/fizzy drinks was associated with increased risk of ischemic stroke & Alzimer’s. This reflected the fact that we should limit the intake of such drinks. People who are genetically predisposed to these diseases should avoid/cut consumption of soda & fizzy drinks having artificial sweeteners & sugar

The second study testified the fact that high consumption of soda & fizzy drinks was associated with markers of preclinical Alzihmer’s disease. The result depicted high consumption of soda & sugary beverages associated with low total brain volume & low performance on tests of episodic memory.

Both these studies showed the impact of high consumption of fizzy drinks & soda on brain health & specifically on brain diseases. Another study found that people having high consumption of sugary beverages such as soda & fruits juices suffer from poor memory, smaller overall brain volumes & overall smaller hippocampal volumes.

To summarise, drinking sugary drinks is not good for our health including our brain health. Genetics play a role in diseases such as Alzihmer’s. This coupled with the environment we live & our own lifestyle, it becomes really important to develop a fitness discipline & maintain a healthy lifestyle. Consuming such sugary stuff in moderation & replacing it with glass of water will go a long way in keeping exposure to such diseases at bay, specifically when you are genetically predisposed to such diseases.

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