Have you ever faced a situation when you are having some symptoms but there has been no cause. Even after visiting the doctor & going through a medical examination, you were told that everything is fine. However you know that something is not right! So you must be wondering what is wrong with your body.

You are actually suffering from Adrenal Fatigue Syndrome(AFS)! It is difficult to identify & diagnose AFS through regular tests. If you visit a doctor & tell that you are suffering from AFS, they would not believe that such thing exists. You may be having symptoms, but doctors sometimes fail to understand what is going on & give you antidepressant for stress & anxiety. But this is not going to fix the problem.

So what actually is causing this? STRESS!

Our body is evolving! It tries to maintain a healthy balance & can even tackle small stress or depression. However if the stress is extreme or long term, out body is not able to maintain a balance & we start experiencing fatigue, anxiety, pain, aches, thyroid problems & many other symptoms.

So what are reasons for Stress:

  1. Emotions

Initially we shall feel tired, restless sleep, trouble focusing, anxiety or possibly loss of appetite. If these symptoms are for a short term, it’s perfectly fine since your body will maintain a balance & take care of such changes. However, if its prolonged, your body will start experiencing imbalances. For some folks, stress is not easily recognized. AFS comes when you start pushing yourself too hard, do not take time to take care of yourself. To top it all you may face a stressful event of illness which pushes you in the range of hormonal & other imbalances.

When you reach this stage, your body increases cortisol & adrenaline production. This can result in fluctuations in blood sugar level, weight gain & even impacts sex drive( either lessens or non-existent). Some other issues include : your body may experience inflammation, negatively impact auto immune function & digestion system. This also increases craving for certain foods to help you feel better for a small period of time but it results in weight & fat gain. This results in inflammation.

The body trying to maintain balance, reroutes hormones from the reproductive system to make more cortisol. Besides, extra adrenaline leads to digestive disturbance such as gas, bloating, irritable bowel movement, inflammation of gut lining which leads to leaky gut. The body then starts to reduce cortisol & adrenaline production. This further worsens inflammation level. Aches, pain & exhaustion are common. Many may crash in the afternoon & may look at caffeine & sugar to help them get through the rest of the day. If left long term, AFS can lead to diabetes, autoimmune diseases or infertility.

We are discussing below four levels of AFS:

  1. Alarm reaction: In this stage, you will experience stress & body will try to reduce stress by calling adrenal glands to work harder. You will feel tired but not that much to impact your everyday life.

So how do you tackle AFS?

  1. Evaluate all commitments: The first step should be to evaluate your responsibilities & other aspects of life that may be causing stress. Focus on taking small steps to change such a situation. You should be prepared to say no to activities which can cause stress or depression on a long term basis
  • Eating healthy foods: Consume plenty of green veggies, complex carbs, proteins with high nutrient density.

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