What you need to know about Bloating (Part-1)?

Given our current western lifestyle, bloating is a very common concept. So what is bloating? Bloating is used to describe gassiness & feeling of fullness in the region between chest & waist. Sometimes bloating also represents swelling around the gut. Another variation of bloating can be when your clothes seem smaller than they did yesterday or ring in your finger becomes tight. This is nothing but fluid/water retention.

In this part we are going to discuss three causes of bloating:

How to tackle this: Make sure that you drink plenty of water when you are consuming alcohol & very next day( this will not hold true if you drink in excess regularly), avoid binge drinking & stay away from caffeine since it can multiple the antidiuretic impact on causing dehydration.

How to tackle this: Get moving in the flight as frequently as possible to ensure a stable blood flow. Avoid caffeinated beverages & alcohol & make sure you drink plenty of water. When you get off the plane, make sure that you walk down to passport control/exit rather than taking travelator.

How to tackle this: Make sure that you walk 30 minutes every day at lunch time before you consume your meal rich in fruits, vegetables, whole grains & legumes & drink a lot of water.

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Originally published at https://thesushantkumar.com on December 4, 2020.